5 Super Effective Strategies for Abandonment Recovery

Published by Digioh


Cart abandonment is a really common problem for online businesses. And it makes sense when you think about your own shopping behavior. You go to a website to research a product or service, check prices, see what shipping might cost—but you’re not necessarily there to purchase something right in that moment. Sometimes you don’t have the money right then. Sometimes you’re blindsided by shipping prices. Sometimes you’re just doing research for a later purchase. There’s plenty of reasons you might not check out.

What might make you change your mind about leaving? To answer that, let’s go over some reasons you might abandon a website in the first place.

There are tons of reasons a customer might leave your website without purchasing. They may even get so far as to add something to their cart, but just walk away. The best way to deal with cart abandonment is to have a better understanding of why customers leave. Once you know why, you can use Exit Intent tools to trigger messages that may appeal to that customer as soon as they mouse away from the site towards the address bar.

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