Notebook Beard

The Notebook Beard was created for the Cool Material. When the notebook is open and held up to a person’s face it gives them

Brilliant Ideas Notebook for Cool Material

This notebook was created for the Cool Material Shop and their young, edgy customer base. © Cool Material

To-Do List Notebooks for Cool Material

Consistently a best seller on the Cool Material Shop, these notebooks have an off-beat messages. © Cool Material

Conference Promotion Signup Postcard

Postcard sized flier advertising a free coupon for text signups. Handed out during Ascend Digital Marketing Summit.

Marketing Banner for Digioh

Large 33″ x 78″ banner for Digioh to bring to events to entice business clients to learn more about their services. © Dig

Flower Shop Promotional Postcard

Promotional post card for Posies Studio to advertise their shop and showcase their wedding floral services. ©Posies Studio

Trifold Mailer Pamphlet

Trifold postcard for Posies Studio that lets their customers know about their weekly flower delivery service. The post card no

Gifts for Men That Don’t Suck Email – Cool Material

Cool Material wanted to show off some of their new products in a bold way that would instantly capture their subscribers. © C

Year End Sale Email – Luggage Online

To announce their year end sale, Luggage Online wanted to send an email that was elegant, bold, and had a strong call to actio

Holiday Kick Off Email – Luggage Online

Luggage Online sent out this email to their subscribers to highlight a holiday sale as well as mention their gift center and o

5 Super Effective Strategies for Abandonment Recovery

Published by Digioh Excerpt: Cart abandonment is a really common problem for online businesses. And it makes sense when you th

Unusual Baby Names Infographic

Written and researched by Brooke Sacco for Kid Crave. © Kid Crave