How to Build a Killer Drip Campaign

Published by Digioh


If you have any kind of email marketing strategy then you’ve almost certainly sent out an eblast. You know, that one-time email you send to all of your customers to let them know about a sale or new product or service. Maybe you’re pretty advanced and you’ve segmented your list or sent out A/B test emails. You might even have some stellar personalization built-in. That’s great! But now it’s time to up your email game and start a drip campaign.

Real quick, what is a drip campaign?

A drip campaign is a series of messages that are “dripped” in a predetermined order. They can be automated with email autoresponder software, making it easy and time effective to build a strong rapport with your customers.

You can also create specific email sequences based on your customers’ site activity. For example, anyone who abandoned their cart may get an email reminding them to checkout.

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