MUST READ: Call to Action Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Published by Digioh


Your CTA should always point to your top priority. You might have a lot of smaller goals as well, like growing your social media following and getting more engagement on your blog. But keep your eyes on the prize.

That means, don’t end your blog posts with a CTA that encourages comments when you could encourage a lead!

“Did you enjoy this blog post? Leave a comment!”

“Need advice? Get a free consultation.”

If you’re using words like “best” or “biggest” your customers might raise an eyebrow. According to who exactly?

So many of us become jaded and skeptical of advertising claims. The worst thing you could do is sound like a phoney salesman.

Anyone could say “Sign up to get updates from the biggest NYC food blog” but that’s meaningless without numbers. Instead say “Join our list of over 100k subscribers.”

Similarly, if you’ve won awards or have been featured by a reputable publisher, include that information in your pitch.

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