NY + NJ Rebuild Logo

Designed to raise money for hurricane Sandy relief. If features a fence you’d see along the shore in NJ with a NYC skyli

Push Planet Logo

Logo design for mobile push notifications company. Design features a small circle denoting both a planet and a notification ic

Downtown Dogs Logo

Logo design for dog walking business in Fairfield County, CT. © Downtown Dogs

Small Form Factory Logo

Logo design for a retailer that sells small form computers. The design combines a factory building and microchip. © Small For

Word. Notebooks

I designed and illustrated several notebook covers for Word. Notebooks. Featured on: Hypebeast, Gear Patrol, Thrillist, AskMen

Sunglasses Sale Lightbox Promo

Lightbox promo for Cultivate Sunglasses to let visitors who came from Instagram know about a sale.

Subscription Lightboxes for NYMag

Lightbox popup designs for NYMag. Designed to sell magazine subscriptions to new visitors or encourage email newsletter signup

Newsletter Signup Lightbox

Lightbox design for Digioh.

Notebook Beard

The Notebook Beard was created for the Cool Material. When the notebook is open and held up to a person’s face it gives them

Brilliant Ideas Notebook for Cool Material

This notebook was created for the Cool Material Shop and their young, edgy customer base. © Cool Material

To-Do List Notebooks for Cool Material

Consistently a best seller on the Cool Material Shop, these notebooks have an off-beat messages. © Cool Material

Conference Promotion Signup Postcard

Postcard sized flier advertising a free coupon for text signups. Handed out during Ascend Digital Marketing Summit.